Email Marketing, Sensitive Data Management, Lead Generation, SEO, Website Consultation, SalesForce Project Management and Implementation

Nice marketing at its finest.

This leading intelligence and technology company was seeking a trusted service provider to deliver secure marketing solutions for their niche audience. 

The result was a partnership where we supported them through email marketing, SEO strategies, webinar outreach efforts and connecting their thought leadership content with their targeted demographic. 


Sensitive Data Management, Email Marketing, Email Communications Management

Consistent, Confidential Communications

This tier 1 enterprise company required rapid confidental email communications deployed to a vast dealership network across Canada.


Our team of email specialists helped them successfully distribute communications accurately and on time. The S&S team upheld CIBCs brand messaging and standards across all communications. 

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Email Marketing, SalesForce Project Management and Implementation, Lead Generation

Partners in efficiency

Operating coast to coast, ACC places their trust in our teams hands to handle all email communications. Our email specialists collaborate with their teams at head office to execute corporate marketing initiatives. 

Externally, our B2B communication efforts champion the growth of their business.

Internally, we continue to optimize and find efficiencies in SalesForce to create an effective sales tools.

Created a resource library for their dealers.

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Email Marketing, Secure Data Management, PPC, SalesForce Project Management and Integration

Creative meets Connection

Our job was to help them make that connection to their audiences, and ultimately drive meaningful action.  We helped them handle confidential information, securely sending to the parter to validate leads. We creatively manage their marketing communications, and guide audiences on the journey to financial stability. 

Internally, we ensure SalesForce is running optimally to minimize down-time and impact to the business.

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CCC is in the business of providing opportunities for individuals looking to reestablish themselves financially.

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