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Do Emails Right.

Is Email Your #1 Traffic Source

for Sales? No? We Can Help.

Claim a Free Audit and Learn How To: 

  • Save on Subscription Costs through Partner pricing

  • Maximize Journey Features and Integrations

  • Complete Complex Integrations with your CRM

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Email is the #1 traffic driver
for e-commerce businesses.

Build efficiencies today. See profit tomorrow.

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Marketing just got easier.

We build custom email journeys, templates and backend support for your Ortto account.

  • Loyalty Program Series

  • Product and Brand Remarketing

  • Customer Behaviour Triggers like abandoned cart


  • Drip Campaign Development

  • Content Marketing Initiatives

  • Lead capture and funnel into segments


  • Branded email templates

  • Content and design baked in

  • HTML responsive creative

Email Creative

  • Uncover new patterns + behaviour

  • Audience segmentation

  • Data-derived insights


  • Integrate with existing platforms

  • Custom API development available

  • Find opportunities for additional sales


  • Dedicated support team and specialists

  • We work with Ortto’s CTO office

  • Data integrity Work

Dedicated Ortto Support

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Your virtual Ortto marketing specialist.

As Ortto’s preferred partner, we work for YOU.

Think of us like part of your virtual marketing team.

  • Dedicated support with platform experts

  • Maximize your account and subscription 

  • Access a dedicated team with questions 

Claim a free Ortto audit

This is what it means for your business:

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About Us

Spark&Spur is a leading provider of growth-focused consulting, advisory and managed services. We help lean marketing teams deeply understand the current state through an analysis of the user journey, current workflows, marketing technology, acquisition strategies and more.


We focus on building a strong digital foundation - poised for scale as needed for growing teams.

Our experience in successful partnerships with firms in most sectors means we truly understand the challenges you face in your business.


This Is How We Have Helped Ortto Businesses​

  • Take time to understand the current state of the marketing ecosystem – including the user journey, workflows and marketing tools.

  • Identify key gaps and find opportunities for efficiencies and optimization.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan outlining necessary process improvements and technology upgrades.

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