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We've helped Canadian Cannabis Clinics gain over 2300%+ ROI with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Ads on Google and Bing.

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We worked with Aurora's medical business to launch a PPC strategy that generated $1,125,000+ in Customer Lifetime Value in the first 10 months.


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It starts with a single spark.

We work closely with your teams to build something beautiful. Lean on our data-driven approach to launch revolutionary digital marketing experiences that excite your customers. 


Reach the right customers and get the right results with a programmatic and data-driven digital strategy.


Merging customer data, planning, and integrating technology to distinguish yourself from others in today’s competitive marketplace.


Offer value across every customer touchpoint through a eye-catching, seamless digital experience.

and then we grow together.

We're proud to collaborate with top cannabis brands and companies across North America.

Whether you're a dispensary, licensed producer, or medical cannabis provider, we apply the same Spark&Spur principles to help you achieve your marketing goals.